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Milonga Altena

1 April 2017

Malena will be present again at the Altena Milonga in Kontich. CU soon.

Probalby the most Popular Tango Shoe in the World

Lunatango is heading to 60.000 likes on Facebook.

We can easily state... they're probably the most popular tango shoes in the world!


MonaL Silver Glitter

Also Available in Black, Blue and Gold (7,5 cm).

Encuentro Boca 2017

Malena will be present again at the Encuentro Boca III at Bocadero in August.

Brussels Tango Festival

Malena will be present at the Brussels Tango Festival in April.

Hôtel de la Poste: Fri-Sat-Sun

Ideal Tango Shoes

Coming soon! Ideal Tango Shoes: zapatillas for women. zapatos & zapatillas for men.

Ghent Tango Festival

Malena will be present again at the Ghent Tango Festival in CC Meulenstede.


Mona Black Patent Leather

Arriving soon! The new Mona in black patent leather. Also available in skin colour (on demand).

Holland Tango Festival

Saturday, September 24 we'll be back in The Hague for the Second Holland Tango Festival.


DobleD Pearled Gold Patent Leather

New colour in DobleD: Pearled Gold. Also Available in Aluminium, Platinum, Copper and Black.


Diagonal Dalma

Black Suede, Black Dalmatian, White Pearl. Available in 7,5 cm and 8,5 cm.

Encuentro Boca 2016

CU at the anual Encuentro at Bocadero August 19-20-21.

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