Gentlemen 2HB

Our collection represents the absolute innovation of dance shoes achieved by the style and quality of italian artisanal tradition.




2HB Handmade tango shoes from Italy

2HB combines the style and quality of Italian artisan tradition to create innovative dance shoes.

Discover our new collection of 2HB shoes for gentlemen.

All 2HB shoes are handmade in Italy and have bufalo of bufalo & goma soles and leather insoles

Heels: tango argentino - tango nuevo - tango - ballo caraibiche

Price: see individual models


3 cm


Tango Argentino - 185 €


Heels: available in 2,5 cm, 3 cm, 3,5 cm and Cava.

Soles: Bufalo with Rubber Drop

Shank: Split Shank - Flexible

2 cm


Tango Nuevo - 175 €


Heels: 2 cm

Soles: Bufalo

Shank: Split Shank - Flexible

2,5 cm


Tango - 175 €


Heels: 2,5 cm

Soles: Bufalo

Shank: Rigid Shank

1 cm


Caraibiche - 175 €


Heels: 1 cm

Soles: Bufalo

Shank: Split Shank - Super Flexible

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