The Models

Discover the different Lunatango models

and their characteristics.

A Lunatango at first sight!

X is a model of great comfort in which the feet, even when they can move, are comfortably tight between the counter and the simple band of the vamp.

Its closure straps cross behind hugging the counter and forming the characteristic X of Lunatango.

As XL model appears as a variation of X model, its extended closure strap allows you to pass the strap around the ankle or under the arch. It is also possible to cut it in order to have a closure similar to that of X model.

One of our first designs, a real classic of the brand.

Gota (drop) is easily recognizable because of the strap on the instep in the shape of a drop that joins the vamp together with the closure strap. As a counterpart, you can find another drop on the counter.

The model is presented in different materials; suede, leather and glitter fabric play together creating contrasts of colors and textures.

Always in fashion !

Mona achieves an excellent balance between elegance and minimalism. It presents a simple and comfortable design.

Mona L is a variation on the Mona model. Its long strap allows a turn around the ankle. It is also possible to cut it allowing you to close the shoe like the Mona model.

An original and elegant model with excellent stability

Doble D is easily recognizable because of a pair of straps intertwined on the instep. They make the foot feel contained without losing a light and low-cut shape.

It is presented in monochromatic shades, which could be metallic, brilliant or matte.

Pure delicacy wrapping the feet

Diagonal is a very simple model that owes its name to the subtle closure strap that crosses the instep in diagonal direction. An elegant way to support the foot extending the visual line towards the leg.

It is presented in leather, suede, jeans fabric, and even metallic and of natural fur leather.

Another Lunatango classic

A timeless model which honors its name because of a double cross: one on the vamp formed by the union of two triangles and the other, characteristic of Lunatango, on the heel cap.

Among the different materials used, the “billone” attracts your a attention, a very feminine material with plays of transparency, applied motives and sheens.

To caress your feet, to hug your soul

Its outstanding feature is a light and fresh toe cap formed by a 5 intertwined straps that cradles all your toes in a very comfortable way. These straps can be found in just one color or a combined range.

Its closing straps cross behind forming the characteristic X of Lunatango.

Sirume T is a variation of the Sirume model. A vertical strap is added on the instep which stylizes the foot and gives it a stronger tango character.

A unique design, full of personality

Plies is a model in which the material has been expressed, forming folds in both the instep and the heel cap. The texture, color and materiality of the chamois are the protagonists

A distinguished and comfortable model inspired by Mother Nature.

Vuitton is distinuished by an organic superposition of layers on the heel cap and the instep so that there is a contrast of colors and edges.


A model that honors the first artistic avant-gardes of the 20th century

Arcos presents a set of geometric shapes articulated by circles and lines that as a whole evoke an “Art Deco” style.

Consisting of two half circles. One on the instep joined by a thin strap, the other on the counter surrounded by the closure strap. The stitching on the half circles highlights the arches even more, adding texture to the leather.

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